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National and international debt collection

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A steady flow of payments from debtors is a fundamental necessity for every entrepreneur; whether individual, SME or large company, the regular turnover of cash is an essential element for the competitiveness and, in many cases, for survival.

The Corio Law Firm is aware of the importance of a timely and effective management of collections and repayments of debts. In this respect, we offer a comprehensive service to its clients funding themselves with unresolved debt problems.

Whatever the sum in question, we strive to recover all the credits dues to our clients.

The firm offers a efficient collection service at an affordable cost. Professionals of the Firm have extensive experience in recovering debts and enforcing national and international court decisions.

Depending on the nature of the credit, on its amount and on the evidence, the Corio Law Firm is available to the possibility of assessing their fees to the amounts effectively collected. In this case the client shall pay, in addition to the actual costs incurred by the Firm, only a percentage of the collected money.

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